Gigi's teams up with The Band Perry to create a new cupcake!

Gigi's teams up with The Band Perry to create a new cupcake!

Gigi's Cupcakes has made three great new friends recently. They're such great friends that we've named a cupcake after them!

We're excited to announce that we have teamed up Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry - aka - The Band Perry to celebrate the release of their new CD ‘Pioneer'!  To help celebrate, Gigi's has created the VERY PERRY CHOCOLATE CHERRY CUPCAKE, which was inspired by the band and one of their songs, "I'm a Keeper." 

The new cupcake will be offered each Friday and Saturday at all Gigi's Cupcakes locations throughout the month of April.

"I’m so excited to be working with The Band Perry! They are very talented and we had a blast creating the Very Perry Chocolate Cherry cupcake. Our fans are going to love it- Just as much as Kimberly, Reid, and Neil do!" says Gigi!

THE VERY PERRY CHOCOLATE CHERRY CUPCAKE is piled high with chocolate frosting and topped with a bright red cherry, and the band was intricately involved in developing their namesake cupcake! 

Kimberly said, “When we heard that we might have a Gigi’s cupcake named after us we knew right away what the flavor would be. There is a song on our new album that has a line in it that says, ‘I’m gonna change my name to Cherry….,’ so we decided that the cupcake had to be some kind of a cherry cupcake.” 

“When Gigi brought the cupcakes by for us to taste them, she provided two cherry versions for us to sample and then offer our opinions on.  I really couldn’t tell after trying the first one, so I   had to eat several just to make sure.  You know, quality control and all,” says Neil Perry with a big smile. 

“We decided to take both versions of the cherry cupcakes and combine them. What came out of that is a cherry batter cake, with chunks of cherry topped with chocolate icing, and a cherry on top.  They are delicious.  So delicious, that I will be running the stairs after all of our shows now!” laughs Reid Perry. 

Gigi's fans can enjoy some great music by The Band Perry while they are visiting Gigi’s and they can purchase the new CD PIONEER right there in the Gigi’s store.