Gigi's celebrates Valentine's a little longer than most!

Gigi's celebrates Valentine's a little longer than most!

This year Gigi's celebrated Valentine's Day a little bit longer. After hearing from so many Gigi's fans over the years who told us they have to celebrate a day earlier or even a day later, we made the decision to bake our Valentine's Day Menu from February 13th - 15th, and it was a huge hit with Gigi's fans across the country. The new Gigi's Stuffed Valentine Cookie was extremely popular and our bakers seemingly could not bake enough Minis for our adorable Valentine's Smooch Box. In many locations, Gigi's fans enjoyed our 6" Valentine's Day Heart Cake for the first time ever!  Thank you to all the Gigi's fans, bakers, decorators and servers who helped us put smiles on Gigi's fans across the country!

A Valentine's Day Tea Party at Gigi's Cupcakes of Auburn, Alabama


Snow and ice couldn't stop Gigi's Cupcakes in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Big Al tasted a Giant Cupcake on his radio broadcast in Denver,
thanks to Gigi's Cupcakes of Littleton, Colorado

As always, Gigi's Cupcakes of Madison, Wisconsin, with a little help from friends, found a way to help the Ronald McDonald House in Madison.



A fabulous team at Gigi's Cupcakes of Savannah, Georgia


Right before the Valentine's Day rush at Gigi's Cupcakes of Tampa, Florida


Spreading Love at Gigi's Cupcakes of Louisville, Kentucky