An interview with Triple Chocolate Torte

An interview with Triple Chocolate Torte

After 3 months on the Gigi's Cupcakes daily menu, Triple Chocolate Torte has experienced popularity that would make any superstar cupcake's head spin. The Cupcake Times sat down recently with Triple Chocolate Torte to learn more about his quick rise to fame among Gigi's Cupcakes fans.

The Cupcake Times So wow, it's been an amazing 3 months. 
Triple Chocolate Torte: First, thanks for agreeing to do the interview in the kitchen. When I'm still warm, just out of the oven, it's a bit of a challenge with all the ooey gooey-ness, - and I hope it's ok to use that term - it would be just a little bit of a challenge to finish the interview if we did this close to the counter. I'm not one who seeks attention, but I promise you I'd be in a box on the way to someone's house or office within 5 minutes.

The Cupcake Times We were here early when they baked you, we understand.

Triple Chocolate Torte: Right. So yeah, what a ride. I was introduced on March 17 of this year, and it's just been CRAZY since then. You guys call it a roll-out, but for me it was more like an explosion.. Three versions - all chocolate, topped with Raspberry, topped with Strawberry. It's been a lot of work, and I had to be really flexible each morning, but it has really paid off. I'm told we get alot of emails through the Gigi's website and posts on Facebook telling us just how popular I am. I don't get to respond to them all because of all the time required being in the case out front, but it's great to hear.  I'm actually a little embarrassed by all the attention honestly. I'm just here to help spread the love each day.

The Cupcake Times: Embarrassed? Why is that?
Triple Chocolate Torte: Well, I've just never thought of myself as being on the level of Midnight Magic and Wedding Cake, and so many of the others that have been here since the Broadway store opening in 2008 (Nashville). I feel like they've truly earned their way to being as popular as they are. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful. It's just been an amazing 3 months like I said. It's all happened so fast.

The Cupcake Times: What's the story about Very Perry Chocolate Cherry and last year's Academy of Country Music Awards? Is what we hear true?
Triple Chocolate Torte: You had to go there didn't you (smiles). First, let me say that I am a good friend of Very Perry Chocolate Cherry. He's a great cupcake, and I know that since he was introduced with the Band Perry's Pioneer album in 2013, he gets requested alot.
The Cupcake Times: But you were there weren't you?
Triple Chocolate Torte: Yeah, I was on the red carpet at the ACMs. Well sorta. Since I was being tested about that same time, I was in the kitchen right before the show. It was really a mistake. They picked up Very Perry, boxes of him, and I was fresh out of the oven just hanging out, cooling down, and someone scooped me up and put me in a box. 6 of me actually. One of the band members, and I won't say who, tried me and really liked me too. He put me in his coat pocket right before he walked the red carpet. So, yeah, it's true, I was there. I was happy that Very Perry got so much press, and it was fun to witness first hand in Vegas.
The Cupcake Times: You are both great!
Triple Chocolate Torte: You're kind.

The Cupcake Times: So...flourless?
Triple Chocolate Torte: Yep.
The Cupcake Times: So, if I stay away from gluten - which I do - you're just fine for my dessert cravings?
Triple Chocolate Torte: That's right.
The Cupcake Times: Yet, my brother-in-law, the world's biggest chocolate fan and self-proclaimed brownie expert, will buy a dozen of you, give half away to friends who are gluten-free, but keep 6 of you for himself, warmed, topped with ice cream. That seems almost impossible.
Triple Chocolate Torte: I hear it every day from the case. People come in and announce, "That's the best chocolate cupcake I've ever put in my mouth. There's no way it's gluten-free." I hear it every day. And, I credit Gigi for it. She had a vision, a passion and a commitment to creating a very unique dessert that appeals to all chocolate-lovers!  That's why she is the best in the business!
The Cupcake Times: There are alot of people who agree with you!

Triple Chocolate Torte: I'm just thankful for the opportunity. I'm surrounded by delicious greatness on all sides. You don't get an opportunity like this every day. Thankfully, I do. Every day.