Gigi's Cupcakes in Trussville, Alabama Bringing Smiles to Community (Video)


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) -- A little red wagon tucked behind a hospital staircase is all loaded up. Pam Kaufman knows exactly what's inside."This is something I do every day," she says. "I go around in the community and just surprise people."Everyone loves cupcakes -- especially 4-year-old Avery.

She's in for a surprise from Pam. Pam rolls the red wagon around the staircase and opens up a box of Avery's favorite cupcakes. Kim Snuggs gives her daughter a bid hug. "We talked with the owner of Gigi's, and they said, 'we're gonna make this such a special day for her,'" Kim says. "So it's exciting to get our surprise before we even have to get chemo."

Avery was diagnosed with leukemia in February. She's cancer-free for now, but she'll have to continue chemotherapy for the next two years."It's ups and downs," Kim says. "We've had a rough week. Children's has lost a lot of fighters in the last few weeks, a lot of our friends. And so it's tough, but we're making it."

Avery, mom and dad are making others' days a lot better, too. They're spreading Gigi's cupcake smiles to others, with the little red wagon in hand.