Gigi's Opens 3 New Locations

Gigi's Opens 3 New Locations

Gigi's Cupcakes is proud to announce the opening of three new locations. We're now baking in Sarasota, Florida; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; and Kennesaw, Georgia.

Gigi's Cupcakes of Sarasota, Florida

Kevin and Jodi Gigi's McGaharan opened Cupcakes of Sarasota in October at 8435 Cooper Creek Blvd in Bradenton. Jodi and Kevin’s daughter Blair first discovered Gigi’s when she moved to Raleigh, NC to fund raise for North Carolina State. Following a short trip to Raleigh where she first tasted a Gigi's cupcake Jodi was hooked. After returning to Sarasota, she could not stop raving about Gigi’s and knew that this was the path she wanted to take. As Kevin was preparing for retirement from a successful medical practice, the two decided that it was the perfect time to bring Gigi’s Cupcakes to Sarasota. Even though Blair had made a wonderful life for herself in Raleigh, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to move home and manage the store. It was definitely a win-win for the whole family!

Gigi's Cupcakes of Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Gigi's Cupcakes of Chapel Hill, North Carolina is owned by Jude Crowell and Rick Sataro, who also own the Gigi's locations in Cary, North Carolina and Raleigh, North Carolina.  The new Chapel Hill store is located on the popular Franklin Street. Anyone who knows this duo understands why they'd have a passion for cupcakes. Both are people who have a gift for making people smile and there are certainly alot of fine folks in North Carolina smiling each day because these two decided to start swirling Gigi's Cupcakes.

Gigi's Cupcakes of Kennesaw, Georgia

The newest Gigi's location in Georgia, Gigi's Cupcake of Kennesaw is owned by Lee St. John and Judy Kenney a brother and sister who also own Gigi's stores in Marietta, Georgia and Orlando, Florida. The two often tell of how blessed they were with wonderful parents who loved good old Southern cooking. Every meal and dessert was lovingly made from recipes handed down by family and friends and made with the best available ingredients. For them, that smell of fresh baked wholesome food was always a part of family reunions and cherished Holiday gatherings. They found the same in Gigi's Cupcakes and are excited as they continue to open additional Gigi's locations.