Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we are most often asked. We present them to help you get better acquainted with Gigi’s.

What type of Agreements does Gigi’s offer?

Gigi’s offers a Unit Franchise Agreement to operate a single Gigi’s Cupcakes, within a protected defined trade area. We also offer Area Development Agreements, for those that have the resources, after a few months of successful operations in their first unit.

How much does a typical Gigi’s cost to open?

Opening a typical Gigi’s Cupcakes requires approximately between $215,000 and $364,000 including the franchise fee. Among the major capital expenditures is the cost of configuring an existing retail site into a Gigi’s Cupcakes. This is site-specific and varies widely as does the   availability of landlord funded “tenant improvements”.

What fees will I pay?

The initial franchise fee to open a Gigi’s Cupcakes is $35,000. This fee is used by Gigi’s to assist you with site selection, planning the layout of your Gigi’s Cupcakes location,your initial training, and for the use of our Confidential Manuals. In addition, there will be a continuing monthly royalty fee of 5.0% and marketing fee of 2.5%.

How long does it usually take to open a store?

After a site has been approved and a lease executed, it typically takes around 90 to 120days to be ready to open. There are many variables that could impact this time frame including the time required to receive construction approvals and permits from local government authorities.

What type of training does Gigi’s offer?

Gigi’s offers a combination of approximately 120 hours of classroom and on the job training. Prior baking experience is not required.

How can I get further information?

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