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Each and every week throughout the year, cupcakes from Gigi's are enjoyed at weddings across the country. From Greenville, South Carolina to Phoenix, Arizona, and north to Madison, Wisconsin, a cupcake from Gigi's is like no other. We treat each wedding with careful attention to detail, working side by side with the bride and groom and wedding planners to help make your wedding day memorable.  Below are just a few examples of the hundreds of custom-designed wedding presentations that we've had the privilege to design. And, you can click here to view wedding snapshots sent to us by some very happy brides.

Hers ... and His

Of all the cupcakes we've created, our Wedding Cake cupcake continues to be recognized as a Gigi's fan favorite.  In fact, it's such a favorite that we offer it on our menu each and every day.

And, while Gigi's Cupcakes is known for customized wedding cupcakes, Wedding Cake, featuring our delicious white cake and vanilla buttercream frosting, is very often the perfect fit for a traditional wedding and the first selection by many brides.

Likewise many grooms, while never hesitating to admit their fondness for the taste of this proven standard, will request Top Hat, yet another fan favorite from the Gigi's menu. As you can see, the two cupcakes make a perfectly visually stunning and delicious match.

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Farm Wedding & Reception

The decision to have a traditional wedding cake had already been made early in the wedding planning process. But, having a wedding ceremony among the beautiful rolling hills of Middle Tennessee on one of the greenest, most scenic pieces of farmland imaginable, presented an opportunity to add that finishing touch to the outdoor wedding reception.

So, this bride and groom requested simple, yet elegant cupcakes to complement the setting.

Working closely with the couples' wedding planner, Gigi's Cupcakes was able to add just the right touch to fill their beautiful table with freshly-baked treats.

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A Chocolatey Pink Affair

Any married couple would agree that marriage involves a commitment to compromise.  This Colorado bride and groom learned that compromise even applies to the cupcakes that will be served at the reception. He really wanted chocolate cupcakes.  And by "chocolate", he meant chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and chocolate chips on top.  Who could blame him, right.  She, on the other hand, was more traditional, white cake with roses.

One very wise Gigi's Cupcakes wedding professional listened and suggested they meet in the middle. Chocolate cupcakes, with chocolate icing, and yes, even chocolate chip - Gigi's fans may recognize our famous Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip cupcake - some would be pink, and with plenty of roses. And, a delicious cake topper made with white vanilla cake. Compromising through cupcakes. Gigi's style.

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Yes, we can match the dress

Our bride had one simple request, and that was for her cupcake presentation to match the lavender bridesmaid dresses she'd picked out for her wedding.

We've asked our bride for pictures of the bridesmaids, but until then, you'll have to trust us that this Gigi's Cupcakes wedding tier and cake topper did not disappoint. 

The baker decided to combine two of Gigi's most popular cupcakes from our regular menu, Wedding Cake and Champagne to create this presentation.

The color of the dresses, flowers, and other complementary wedding decor was matched to perfection, and the buttercream icings (especially the one made with a hint of champagne) as a big hit at the reception.

So, if you're asking, "Can you match the dress?", the answer is most definitively, YES.

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"It Was Beautiful"

"What I'm asking you to create probably won't resemble what your cupcakes look like freshly baked out of the oven," said the excited, yet somewhat apprehensive bride. "Will that be ok?" We'll let you decide.

Working hand in hand with the wedding florist, Gigi's Cupcakes was able to create a deliciously elegant presentation, matching the bride's choice of flowers and her fondness for the taste of a traditional wedding cake.

The bride was stunning as you might expect, the wedding was beyond description, and the reception had all the right touches.  And, the sweet note we received from the bride after she'd settled in to everyday life said just what our bakers and decorators love to hear.

"As always, your cupcakes were delicious"

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Simply Elegant

Gigi's Cupcakes wedding cupcakesThis wedding planner had very few words to say the first time she met with us at to cast her vision for the wedding reception.  "It will be simple. And, it will be elegant."

A small wedding with the reception held in a fabulous Victorian-style home was planned for a beautiful Spring day.

Our Wedding Cake cupcake was selected for this beautiful tier of cupcakes. Gigi's Cupcakes was also selected to design the complementary floral decorations to match the chosen color palette for the event.

Our pink and white cupcakes were a hit, and added to the charm of this intimate Southern gathering. Gigi's added a special little touch and presented a variety of mini cupcakes for the sweet little ring bearer and flower girls, and the afternoon turned out to be exactly what our wedding planner had requested. Simply elegant.

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An English Garden Wedding

Many times a bride wants to create a unique style that is all their own. Custom-designed gourmet cupcakes, with creative styling, provides truly unlimited ways to make your day as unique as you are.

This wedding takes a completely different angle from the traditional direction, using priceless family heirloom china to build an emotional mood that is both classic and modern.

By pushing the boundaries of frosting and decorations, this family of cupcakes — with the reception held at Nashville's historic Cedar Creek Lodge — is truly unique in every way. 

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Cheesecakes make their own unique statement


At Gigi's Cupcakes, sometimes thinking outside of the box can mean thinking beyond cupcakes. Each of our locations has the option of styling our delicious cheesecakes to fit any occasion.

Here, a bride not only selected our chocolate chocolate chip cheesecake and our original cheesecake, she created a cream cheese blackberry frosting and topped it with a garden fresh blackberry.

The result: A truly remarkable fashion statement that will stand the test of time.

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