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Why Franchise with Gigi's

Success Rate

Businesses that are part of a larger system typically have a much higher success rate, versus independent start ups. The learning curve on any new business is usually very expensive, and can quickly lead to becoming under capitalized. (The Number 1 reason for most business failures).


Competitive intrusion is a serious issue. Next to being under capitalized, competition is the biggest concern. Most independent operators cannot survive competition from a National Brand. Gigi’s has a support policy in place that includes operational and marketing assistance for Gigi’s Owners if a competitor is already present or enters their market. Our system supports each other against competitive intrusion, and the Gigi’s Owner does not have to bear the burden alone.

Sales Value

Typically, a unit that is part of a successful system will have a higher (multiple of earnings) value to potential purchasers.


In this business, packaging is a crucial and expensive part of your cost of goods sold (COGS). We have developed proprietary, exclusive packaging that is cost effective, functional and well designed to create superior Brand Awareness in all our markets.


A web presence is critical for any business today. It may be the first thing a future consumer sees. Gigi’s has invested thousands of dollars in website design and the development of an on-line ordering system. In addition, our e-store allows customers to purchase branded coffee mugs, T-shirts and other Gigi’s Cupcakes logo and proprietary items.

Product Recipes

Gigi’s has approximately 50 different proprietary recipes including promotional and Holiday specials. We, and many others, believe our cupcakes are the best anywhere and these recipes are our secret to success.

Research and Development

We are committed to continued product development that allows all units to promote new offers. Holiday sales are a significant part of our businessfor which Gigi’s R&D develops products and comprehensive marketing plans.

Purchasing Power

COGS is usually the largest expense of business. Being part of a system with National or Regional contract vendors will provide significant savings. Gigi’s has a national account with our main vendor.

Marketing Assistance

We continually produce top-quality marketing pieces for our owners, as well as cost effective methods of distribution. Gigi’s has a knowledgeable teamthat will assist you with your overall marketing plan, marketing pieces, distribution methods, cost of distribution and tracking.

Operational Assistance

It is vital that the new business be operationally sound. A good system will assist you operationally from preopening planning and training to post openingissues that may arise. Our pre-opening team helps train your staff, gets your store ready to open, and stays until you have it under control.


Training is essential for the operation of any food business, especially one with public interaction. Our training is very detailed and focused with over 100 hours of instruction.

Lease, Landlord negotiation, and build out of the unit

Our experience in opening multiple units could save you thousands of dollars on plans, designs, equipment layout andpurchase, tenant improvement dollars (from the landlord), contractor knowledge, etc. We have negotiated as much as $64,000 in tenant improvements for one of our owners.

Exit Strategy

Any good business plan includes an exit strategy. Being part of a system offers an important advantage in increasing options for your exit strategy. With increased brand awareness, multiple units, and the support of a system, the market for potential buyers should be greatly increased.

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